Best dog food for Bichon

Is it finally time you add a Bichon Frise into your household? Congratulations for the decision! To help out with the choice, we have made a research to find out the best dog food for Bichon, and what ingredients you should find in a commercial dog food brand to satisfy your fluff ball.


Bichons have fluffy hải and small bodies, very cute and adorable. They have been loved by all kinds of owners since as far as the 14th century. In fact, these dogs are very popular in the King Henry realm.

Adult Bichons can weigh about 13 pounds and consume about 420 calories on average. This breed also loves to be active, therefore can consume a lot of energy in comparison to their weight and size. More active Bichons may need more energy, up to 500 k cal per day, while the less active ones can suffice at about 330 k cal per day. Some dogs tend to eat more than others, therefore you should mind about the calories intake rather than the amount of food.

As for puppies, you should wait until they are at least 6 weeks old, so they can begin the weaning process. By 8 weeks old, they will be ready for adoption, at about 5 pounds. At this time, Bichons need about 225 k cal per day to keep them fueled all day. This is also the time for their first vaccination shots. In case you are worrying about the exact amount to feed your new Bichon, remember that it always depend on her individual weight and activity level.Best dog food for pitbulls

At around 12 months old, you can switch to adult dog food. A little extra nutrition can also do good for him at this point.


It is very crucial to feed your dog the best stuff. The generic dog food in the local supermarket may not contain all the nutrients that make your pet healthy and happy throughout her entire lifetime. Instead, look for premium dog food that combines wholesome ingredients with a balanced formula of all necessary nutrition. It should also pack enough energy for an active Bichon. The best choice should be excluded of wheat, corns, soybeans or by-products. Preservatives and sugar should not be inside the pack, too.


On the other hand, the recommended stuff include whole meat or meat meals in the first five ingredients. As for fat and carbohydrates, the preferred sources include brown rice, cracked pearled barley, potato, sweet potatoes, flaxseed oil, chicken oil or fish oils.

Best dog food for Bichon

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