Best dry dog food for Poodles

Has been in the top 10 popular breeds in the United States for many years, the Poodles are so adorable that no one can argue. The breed is different with the fact that they come in 3 unique sizes: toy size, miniature size, and standard size. With these sizes, it can be a little tricky to find the best dry dog food for Poodles. With the best one, you can apply for all of the small, medium and big sizes.

In order to keep the dog in good health and condition, you must make sure that all of his needs for nutrition are met. You need to both understand the basic nutritional needs and the special considerations for the Poodles. Below are some good information for finding the best dog food.

Before getting to the essence of what Poodles need, you need to know the basic of dog’s need for nutrition. All dog s need a balance of protein, fat, carb, vitamin, mineral and water in their diet. The most important are protein, and protein for dogs should come from good animal sources like chicken, turkey or fish. Another important thing is fat, it is also very important because it is very high in energy in even a little amount. It also supports to skin and coat health. On the other hand, carbohydrates are also crucial for providing fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Dogs do not require a specific amount of carbs in their meal, but nonetheless, they should come from good sources nd are digestible.Best dog food for pitbulls

Once you understand the basic of nutritional needs for the dog, you can understand better what a Poodle needs. A Toy Poodle is the smallest at 11 inches in height and 9 pounds in weight. The miniature poodle is about 15 inches in height and 16 pounds in weight. The standard poodle is about 18 inches in height and 55 pounds in weight.

Best dry dog food for Poodles

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