How much to feed your Poodles

Owners always want to know just what is the best dry dog food for Poodles. The next concern is how much to feed them, and the answer lies on the particular type of food that he or she is giving. Is the food wet or dry? Is it in high quality or low quality? How much actual ingredients are there? With these factors, the right amount can range from a ½ cup if the food is dense in calories. With other food which is less dense in calories, you should feed them more. Another factor comes into consideration is the exact age of your Poodle, the health status of the dog, how much is the active, as well as his own metabolism.

There is an accurate method to calculate, which is based on the calories. However, this method can be tiresome for owners who want to measure both the main meal and treats calories. Young dogs need more calories per kg of body weight in comparison to adults. The older dog with slower metabolism rate will need less. In details. The puppies should be fed about 40 to 55 calories per pound, while the adult dog should be fed about 35 to 45 calories per pound. The old dog should be fed about 40 calories per pound only. These numbers can vary up to 20 percent.Best dog food for pitbulls

The easiest way to feed your Poodle with the right amount is to read the instruction on the labels of the package that you have chosen. Combine this with the calories in the treats you want to give in the day, as well. The calories of the treats are also printed on the labels on the package. You should know that many brands would suggest a range, rather than an exact number since they know your dog’s need for energy intake can vary based on the activity levels and other factors mentioned above.

How much to feed your Poodles

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