How to make a giant Bean Bag with your Kids in 3 easy Steps

If you’re looking for extra comfort on summer lawns this year, consider making a giant bean bag with your kids. Any fleecy or fake fur fabric is suitable and virtually all craft and hobby shops and haberdasheries sell polystyrene beads for the filling these days.
Here is how to make a giant bean bag with your kids in three easy steps:
Materials and Tools needed:Hail the King
• fleece or fake fur fabric • pair of scissors • sewing machine • polystyrene beads • ruler • tailor’s chalk or felt pen • pins
1. Decide how big the bean bag should be. This will be determined by the size of the fabric you buy. Typically, squares and rectangles measuring one and two metres (39 inches and 7 ft. respectively) will be ideal for kids up to age 10 to snuggle into, leaving sufficient room for a medium-sized pet to get comfy, too.
Lay the fabric on the floor and double it over, keeping right sides together. Using a ruler, draw the outline of your bean bag with felt pen or tailor’s chalk from a haberdashery. Put pins through both layers of fabric all the way around. Now cut out at least 2 cm (3.4 inches) outside the line you have drawn.

Mai Kitsune Waifu
2. Machine-sew around three sides of the rectangle or square, leaving one of the sides open. To add extra strength to the seams, sew at least once more over the sewing line. That way your bean bag won’t leak polystyrene beads during rough treatment! Now turn the bag the right way round.
3. Ask someone to hold the bag open; then tip in the polystyrene beads trough the open end until the bean bag is about half to three quarters full. Don’t fill it up more than that, as bean bags are far more comfortable when there is extra room for the beads inside to spread out. Now pin across the top and carefully machine-sew over the fmal side to close it. Go over your stitches a couple of times at least to seal in the polystyrene beads. If there’s a little left over from the fabric or you have a few remnants from a contrasting fabric, sew on ears and a tail for fun.
Voila! Your extra comfy, cuddly bean bag is ready for occupation!

How to make a giant Bean Bag with your Kids in 3 easy Steps

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