Incorporate Scent into your Wedding Plan

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you will also want your attendants and guests to remember it for as long as they live.
If you haven’t considered using fragrance to help make that day special in the minds of all of the attendees I believe that it is certainly worth your undivided attention.

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Fragrance adds another dimension to your event rather than just another one of those many details which often get lost in the shadows.
Everything other detail of your wedding will assault the mental capacities of your guests as far as sound and visual images are concerned but the addition of a good fragrance will provide a cue for their sense of smell that will be added to their memories.
If you use a pleasant fragrance as an olfactory back drop your guests will be reminded of your wedding every time they come into contact with that particular fragrance for the rest of their lives.

I would consider using a pleasant floral or natural fragrance such as a vanilla, rose, or even coconut. You of course are not limited to these but my thought is that you want to use something common so that your guests will often be reminded of your wedding ceremony.
Each time that they come into contact with this fragrance they will remember your special event and every time they experience it again after that it will serve to reinforce their memory of your wedding day more strongly into their psyche.

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Yes they will have their photos and even the mementos from that day but the one thing that they will also have will be an olfactory reminder of your wedding day.
There are many ways to infuse the delicate aroma of a pleasing fragrance into your wedding setting but here are a few for you to consider.
The first one that comes into mind is a nice potpourri arrangement. You can purchase potpourri and infuse it with some sort of scented oil or perfume fragrance. This would be a wonderful addition to each table or setting and you will be able to control the strength of the fragrance by the amount of scented oil that you add to the potpourri.
Fragrance oils come in hundreds of different scents but I would advise that you procure samples of the actual product before you actually use it. All rose, vanilla, lavender, or other fragrance will not smell the same depending on the manufacturer and his choice of ingredients
You may also want to have the fragrance included in a spray air freshener to apply before the ceremony, but keep in mind that air fresheners will not last for a very long time.
A few drops of this fragrance sprinkled on your bouquet will certainly be a nice touch for all of those who come into contact with it.
Remember that different types of scents will have different effects on your guests. Citrus scents for example are uplifting, while many floral fragrances and scents such as lavender will have a calming or

Incorporate Scent into your Wedding Plan

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