Which Metal should I use for a Custom made Ring?

There are many possible metal choices to make when you decide to design a custom ring. Your final choice may depend on many different factors. Your decision of which will work best for you will depend on the frequency that you will wear your ring, your purpose for having it made, and the person whom you are purchasing it for.


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The most common and preferred metal is a jeweler’s alloy known as celestrium. Celestrium has other names such as but not limited to siladium and valadium. Different manufacturers often call this alloy by different names for their own reasons but most times it is the same metal.
The advantages that this metal offers is that it looks almost identical to 14kt gold and only cost a fraction of the price. This metal is popular with jewelers because they can easily work with it. It is easily molded and shaped into whatever the jeweler needs it to be. It is also easy to engrave and will retain its shine or luster, for a very long time. Stainless steel is the primary metal used in the production of this type metal. There are some other metals added for various reasons. All work together to give this alloy the qualities that jewelers need in order to produce a superior product.
This particular metal accounts for the lion’s share of the sales for most manufacturers because of its excellent appearance, durability, and low cost.

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Celestriun is the most practical choice if you plan on wearing your new ring every day because it is so resistant to damage and corrosion. If you loses it you can replace it fairly easily, and without a large out of pocket expenditure.
This metal can be purchased in a color which looks identical to either 14kt white or yellow gold. The gold tone ring is normally overlaid in 14kt yellow gold to give it the appropriate finish.
This is an excellent purchase for the customer who may want to wear the ring every day, or just doesn’t have a large budget for this type of purchase.
Sterling Silver
Sterling silver has been around for many thousands of years. It has an unmistakable finish and is very popular among many younger customers. This ring makes an excellent gift or heirloom. Many customers who purchase a sterling silver ring do so simply because they love silver.
Silver will need to be polished from time to time but will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. This metal is also very easy for jewelers to mold and work with. It will normally cost you a little more than celestrium.
The typical customer purchases this metal as an heirloom or keepsake. Some ring manufacturers will add a platinum overlay in order to give it an extra special luster. This works extremely well. My experience with platinum is that many of the customers who purchase it do so on impulse because of the bright shine and natural beauty.

White or Yellow Gold
The majority of people who prefer rings for special occasions such as retirement, holidays, birthdays, or as a family keepsake will purchase either white or yellow gold. More traditional customers seem to prefer the yellow gold, while the younger clientele will more often purchase white gold.
lOky gold contains more alloys than the 14kt gold so the actual gold content (along with the price) is less. The biggest advantage that a 10kt ring offers you is that it is a harder, more durable metal. It can be worn more often without becoming dinged over a period of time. I recommend this metal to the customer who plans on wearing the ring frequently. Most manufacturers will offer a lifetime warranty with this particular metal. Many will remake the ring for you for a nominal fee if it becomes worn over the years.
I highly recommend 10kt gold for all who intend to wear the ring frequently because of its toughness. Rings will take a beating each day that you wear them because they are worn on the fingers which are used to do every single bit of work that you perform. The ring by reason of its location on the finger, will also take a severe beating each day. lOkt gold certainly holds up to the challenge.
14kt White or Yellow Gold
14kt gold is the most popular metal with customers when they have decided that gold is the right metal for them. It is durable enough to last for many years. You will have to polish it from time to time but you may wear it for years before you do
It is the perfect ring if you plan on using it as an heirloom. I have discovered that this is the most popular metal for special occasions or to commemorate special events.
Conclusion You can’t go wrong with your purchase of a custom ring regardless of the metal which it is made of. I have given you enough information to make the right decision when you decide to purchase a new custom ring whether it be for yourself or a friend.. You should enjoy your ring for life regardless of the metal that you choose.

Which Metal should I use for a Custom made Ring?

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