The Woods

I had briefly escaped the futile city, with its cold grey shadow that cursed me with its ugly breath. I was utterly exhausted from it all, the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the spinning, the under and over. My head pounded with frustration of all the things I had wanted to accomplish before I lost my way. Mother Nature was calling for me and I followed her whisper on the wind. It was before dawn and even I had aroused earlier than the feathered orchestra. The shimmering sun peeked through the trees and illuminated the forest floor. I have often thought that trees have more magical presence than most people credit them with, as they maneuver and collectively creak in the breeze, uttering secret stories like mischievous men. Star Martial God Technique
There was a sumptuous stump I could perch on and bask in the enchanted golden light as it danced around the dappled leaves and fern carpet. How can one capture such a moment or movement of such beautiful energy? We attempt to kidnap it in a photograph, we try to recapture it by painting it but the beauty of that moment becomes static and loses its levels of depth both physically and mentally. These moments should be the ones we indulge ourselves in more often I relished. Such simple solace is very peaceful and comforting. We keep running around chasing dreams when in fact perhaps the dream would be not to have to chase them. Demon Wang’s Golden Favorite Fei
As I pondered chasing my dreams again, there was a crunch of a leaf and a snap of a branch. Nonchalantly two black silhouettes of antlers emerged from the dense shrubbery. I could just make out the face of the beast as the light flickered through. The mighty beast was a male deer, big and bold he stood before me. After a few seconds, suddenly he caught my eye, his pupils widened and vapor fumed from his nostrils. He froze to determine the purpose of my presence. I sat very still, my eyes glued to his stare, heart pounding but I had managed to crease the corners of my lips, pleased and honored to sit on this throne, a few feet away from his royal stature and bathe in the same light as his majesty. After judging my existence, his eyes apathetically moved away, he subtly shook his head, tentatively turned away and leisurely moved on. Still sat there in complete awe, I thought to myself that in life perhaps so to should I.

The Woods

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