The Art of Giving and Receiving Wealth in Every Form and Way Attracts More Wealth

The Art of Giving and Receiving Wealth in Every Form and Way Attracts More Wealth

We all sometimes complicate our lives by misunderstanding our inner and outer world due to various preconceived notions, opinions, outer misguided information and other issues. But a very simple truth is at hand when it comes to attracting wealth of any form, kind, shape, and way; and that truth is that giving is the first step towards receiving, accepting and attracting wealth in all, every different form, shape, or way and not necessarily from the source to which we first gave.

Daily, each and every one of us has their own assumptions about life. Some of us assume that things can’t ever be changed. king of the battlefield Some assume that the world is static in its problems and issues which seem to only exponentially rise. Some assume our lives are dictated by outside forces, tangible or intangible. Some assume they are powerless and thus only see objectification of that sense of powerless in their outer world through events, situations, circumstances which are in fact tied to that assumption.


Some of us have all gone through negative, debilitating assumptions because we’ve didn’t know at the time differently, because we didn’t grow up with different perspective or reasoning, and because the world indeed has proof that things aren’t always good, perfect, and solvable. But the outer world can’t hold us in its grips all the time. isekai de “kuro no iyashi te” tte yobarete imasu Giving into a shallow perception, a fragmented sense of what our or other people’s reality really is can only make the issues grow, prosper, expand, and deconstruct.

Every assumption we have made, are making, or will make helps to create the world we see. Those inner opinions, emotions, thoughts, fears, doubts, negations construct what we will see, touch, feel, understand, experience, taste, feel, sense, and think in the present and future. The

The Art of Giving and Receiving Wealth in Every Form and Way Attracts More Wealth

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