Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru manga – A perfect Art club for high schools

A powerful character cast is actually a key to successful of a manga anime. I’m talking about Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru Manga, one of my favorite manga anime.

We’ve got a regular middle school club setting and hardly any plot development to speak of; the series is their interactions with each other, as well as just about the regular occasions the characters encounter in their own own lives. But with some great laughs to go with them, and characters intriguing and likable as these, that is actually all you must still provide an extremely amusing and amusing anime.

The story mostly occurs inside a middle school art club room that is fairly typical. What’re not so typical are its members. Uchimaki Subaru may be an extremely gifted artist, but contrary to what you had perhaps expect, he is not too interested in drawing on landscapes, statues or apples. The single thing he is interested in drawing… is waifus. Perfect. Uchimaki is like a tongue in cheek portrayal of what folks like to joke around the common anime audience is like. I am certain lots of the audiences can connect to at least some of these things, as well as the manners Konobi sort of breaks the fourth wall again and again is part of what makes it fun to see.


At precisely the same time the world views of Uchimaki are considerably to the dismay of his fellow club member Usami Mizuki, who therefore discovers his drawings to be in somewhat questionable taste and does not have any interest in anime. A place of Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru makes excellent use of to be a consistent source of comedy that is truly excellent. Particularly since Usami’s feelings are clear as day to everyone besides Uchimaki, and they never quit making fun of her for it.

Maria is the sole one whom Uchimaki can converse with about his interests, as she is the sole other character in the show who is also into manga and anime. In a particular manner she is even more despairing because she is apparently gotten a great deal from it of chuuni temperature as an outcome. Though unlike your typical chuuni girl, Maria and her character does not actually play right but instead it is more like an occasional chuuni act she simply pulls out because she believes it is interesting. She does not seem to be overly delusional on the interior, but for some reason likes to act like she’s. Everything she does looks totally arbitrary and not properly thought through, like a small child with way too large of an imagination. She also needs to be a super hero, so seeing the assured chuuni action of Maria was like locating the man she always wanted to be herself, and therefore she wastes no time in requesting to become her trainee whatsoever. And so we wind up in a scenario where her best tries to educate an underclassman the way to be a real one. You do not see that every day.

It is an extremely simplistic show at heart, mostly consisting of briefer skits (about 5-10 minutes each) and not much real storyline progression. Only seeing their daily lives live and socializing with each other during it’s enough to give a strong anime, simply because of how likable they all are and how great the comedy is. There are lots of meta ethnic references taking jabs at modern anime enthusiasts (all in good fun of course) as well as lots of more conventional romcom components which are used rather tastefully. I should probably mention that any love affair lovers out there may be let down in learning that there’s nearly no intimate progression between Usami and Uchimaki at all in this anime, but you just need to see a couple of minutes of it to figure that out by yourself. Because that is not really what Konobi is about, it was never going to take place. It is an infatuation used only for the interest of comedic effect, not feels. Poor Usami.

It might be a quite “standard” Anime Manga as a whole, with a common setting, regular cartoon quality and soundtrack use, and no actual storyline progression to speak of. Nevertheless, the sole thing an anime of the nature actually wants to be able to blossom is that is precisely where Konobi’s strengths lie and usually great comedy, and likable characters.

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru manga – A perfect Art club for high schools

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