Why Having a Wikipedia Page Makes Good Business Sense

You’ve probably noticed a change in Google searches, where Wikipedia is listed in one of the first 5 results. There’s also a `Wiki knowledge graph’ box on the right that pops up, if the page exists on Wikipedia. This is great news for businesses with a page, and a good opportunity for businesses looking for an additional edge. Tales of demons and gods

What Are the Benefits of a Wikipedia Business Page?

First, take a look at Wikipedia’s numbers: it’s the 7th most-used site in the world; it has 18 billion page views every month; and it has virtually replaced public libraries as a go-to source for information. Wikipedia’s stringent guidelines have now made it a dependable authority.

When your business page is listed on Wikipedia, it can gain your business visibility, credibility and even increase sales. Consider it a free SEO boost from a secondary website that is reputable.

How Can I Get My Business Published on Wikipedia?

The most daunting task for business owners in creating a Wikipedia page is meeting the requirements. You can do it on your own, but be aware it’s a time-consuming and complicated process. For example:

  •           Once you open an account, you have to have a minimum 4-day history with at least 10 edits to your name. Contributing takes time and an in-depth look at Wikipedia’s guidelines.
  •           Articles are required to be unbiased. It’s discouraged to write about yourself or your company, because despite your best intentions there’s bound to be a bias.
  •           Your business must be ‘notable.’ By that Wikipedia insists on at least 4 reliable external sources mentioning the company. If you haven’t got enough references, you should establish them first before attempting to create a page.
  •           Many businesses have pages deleted for not following Wikimedia’s Terms of Use typically for using promotional or advertising language.

Can I Hire Someone to Write a Wikipedia Page for Me?

The downside is that Wikipedia is quite strict with `Wiki’ writing companies and there is no guarantee of being published. Even having a business page published could later be deleted. True martial world

It might be best to hire a professional writer who understands the format and technical jargon needed to have your business page published. They can also help you with organizing reliable references for notability and ensure an unbiased copy.

The best reasons for getting a Wikipedia page for your business are simple: it’s relevant, it heightens credibility and it’s free, with very little maintenance. As long as you follow the guidelines, getting a Wikipedia business page published makes good business sense.


Why Having a Wikipedia Page Makes Good Business Sense

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