From Nothing to Everything!

Martial arts manga usually brings us a story where our main characters that are weak, sometimes coward, needing to get more powerful is a journey of self discovery and has always been bullying. In certain ways, is relateable to audience because locate a path that really matches us and the majority people need to follow our bliss. For Star Martial God Technique Manga – Shi Woon is the youthful lad we follow to look for his course of self discovery. This review represents the chain as a whole rather than only this sequel.

The assumption seen elsewhere and is run of the mill, but the show has an advantage with all the awesomeness of Chun Woo. The man is a creature and is the most dreaded existence within the narrative and his effect on the storyline and characters are performed nicely. His existence brings significance to every character while it’s a busted record by the ending of the show. At the end , however, the show leaves a lot to be desired primarily due to inconclusive finish and some plot holes.


Nothing isn’t right with that however since they’re likely the oldhead in New Waves as well as the sole fascinating characters within the show. The very first season handles Shi Woon and Chun Woo with care and we see both of them while this is a bad or good thing. For other characters too, although for these two. Additionally, New Waves becomes very stagnant in character development. There’s a limitation to how innocent some can be and to drive that limitation creates a vibe that is persistent.
The side characters are quite forgettable, I mean all they do is lead to the storyline of The Breaker. It is what their there for but give some word picture to them rather than showing us emo some of the male and sexualizing the females characters are. Some female characters I ‘ve in mind are undoubtedly worthless to the chain as a whole. PLENTY of flash backs and storyline convenience drive several of those characters and I was not fond of that while reading The New and Breaker Waves.

Artwork in The Breaker manga/manhwa is quite cool, truly brings out the characters actions scenes and emotions are well defined. Picturing the picture in my head with the SFX looks extremely stunning. Was not expecting in this show, but fan service was existent and likely was the only kind of comedic relief which was eh.

It’s an enjoyable, activity shounen read. Trying to find an excellent cast of characters, you might or might not uncover it with this one but there are definitely some fascinating characters in this show. The storyline was OK; it went into bumblefuck way really and deviated from what I believed was gonna be. Give it a read in the event that you enjoy a protagonist in search of self discovery. If you want some GREAT martial arts manga then I highly recommend it. It’s a Read Manga Online so don’t hesitate to give it a go.

From Nothing to Everything!

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