10 Free Backlinks Checker Tools

Backlinks are links that points to your website or to a specific web page of your site. They play an important role when it comes to the increase of ranking signals of your website and it’s one of the main building blocks of solid search engine optimization practice. Search engines attach so much importance to backlinks. Websites that has good number of quality backlinks are considered more relevant and popular than websites that doesn’t have any or more of it.

An increase in quality of backlinks to your site will increase the chance of your pages visibility on search engines. mythical tyrant Since search engines gives more credit to websites with good number of quality backlinks, your utmost concern should be to always watch out for your backlinks so as to determine their number and ensure they remain active. If somebody linked to your site, you can easily discover it when you use backlink checker tools and if possible you can reciprocate by linking back to the person site.

You can use these tools to determine the strength of your backlinks, page rank of the backlink source, anchor text used and to know whether the backlink is dofollow or nofollow. In a nutshell, backlink checker tools will help you to know everything you need to know concerning your backlinks.


  1. OpenLinkProfiler

OpenLinkProfiler makes it easy for you to check websites backlinks with accurate result. You have to sign up before you can be able to use the service. The tool allow you to check as many websites backlinks as you want. The tool provides over 200,000 backlinks per site with detail report of the backlinks. It allows you to export up to 1000 backlinks per website for proper analysis and custom reports.

This is a powerful free backlinks checker tool you can use to analyze the active backlinks of your competitors website. The tool has web crawlers that display your page with quality and good number of backlinks.

  1. Backlink Watch

You can use this highly value Backlink Watch tool to check your website backlinks. The tool is very popular backlink checker and can give you full backlinks report of your site such as the backlink anchor text, backlinking page Google PageRank, overall backlinks, linked page URL, nofollow & dofollow links and much more. Backlink Watch makes performing quick scans of backlinks to be super easy.

  1. Open Site Explorer

This is a powerful backlinks checker tool from Moz. The tool is very useful not only for checking backlinks, it also allows you to research and discover link building opportunities. everyone else is a returnee Open site explorer will help discover the backlinks your competitors are using to outrank you. Although the tool is not free but the 30-day free trial will help you check and discover so many potential backlinks opportunities.

  1. Link Diagnosis

Find out who is linking to your site by using this Firefox plugin. Link diagnosis will provide you full report of your site backlinks and the important detail about your competitor’s backlinks. The tool check for the total backlinks, no-follow information, PageRank, unique anchor texts and pages indexed of your site.


10 Free Backlinks Checker Tools

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