10 Reasons why Leicester City won the Premier League title

We surely have not yet found out the true dimension of Leicester’s unbelievable Premier League win this year. Heading to the last day of the season as Champions, the Foxes have defeated all odds this season and constructed a story which will be told from generation to generation. After all, that’s what football is all about, isn’t it? Neutral fans from all over the world have cheered them over the finish line and followed them every step of the way — because everybody likes a good underdog story. Despite all these facts, the lazy swordmaster did passion win them the title?

Passion alone couldn’t achieve such a feat. After 37 games in the Premier League, hours of analysis and dozens of inspiring posts read, we’ve come up with the final list of 10 reasons why Leicester City did the impossible and won the Premier League title.

Here is the list: 1. Pragmatic approach (+tactics)


As we all know, you can’t win a title in such a competitive league with only playing one card. If you only know to defend or attack, you will lose. If you can only play one style of football, you will end up in mediocrity. Leicester City showed something incredible this year: they have essentially split their season in two.

The first part of the season was living the dream, playing each game like it was the last, with Ranieri’s famous target of achieving the dreaded 40 point level to steer clear of relegation. seoul station’s necromancer Leicester were a team which attacked and attacked, winning games by scoring one goal more than the opposition. In the first part of the season, they scored 37 goals and conceded 25, but were still top of the Premier League.

After becoming clear that they have to challenge for the title, their style changed dramatically, from passionately aggressive to painfully pragmatic. 1-0 became their favorite scorline, notching up no less than 5 1-0 victories in a row in March and April. They knew points will bring them the title, and they were very right.

From a tactical perspective, they didn’t re-invent the wheel. They played a 442 which was very similar to the one Manchester City used during one of their successful campaigns. A great goalkeeper (Hart — Schmeichel) , defensive wing backs, box-to-box midfielders (Yaya/Fernandinho vs. Kante/Drinkwater), a wide playmaker (Silva — Mahrez), a traditional winger (Navas —Albrighton) and 2 forwards, one attack and one support (Dzeko-Aguero vs Vardy/Okazaki). Simple, straightforward and deadly.

10 Reasons why Leicester City won the Premier League title

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