Yeah, I know all of this sound insane, but hold your horse as all simply getting complete stranger, as Mika and Krul use the confusion of the scenario to grab Yu, but there was Crowley to stop them. Krul kills the guy in one hear the beat, and after that Ferid drinks up her blood by sneaking to her from behind. Well, at least Crowley is not dead, the manga reveals. Ferid tells everybody that Krul is the traitor to the entire vampires neighborhood, so he orders the other vampires to kill what is left of the army, while Kureto and Guren tried to get Yu. But then, Narumi appeared, assisting the whole gang to leave, leaving just Mirai behind.

4 months later, the vampires and the army are still working separately. Yu and his accompanies chosen to return to rescue Mirai and Guren in the fight field. Completion. Surprise? Me, too, as this is no place near completion. A minimum of the business could put some unusual thing here, but completion consists none of that, only some moving towards us to scratch. Like, exactly what is the point of avoiding the time at the end of he series, if that resolves absolutely nothing at all? Why at the last minutes, we still did unknown who is dead and who is not? Might also read the Shen Yin Wang Zuo to clean our souls, then.

After the whole globe has been contaminated by this virus that has actually never been determined before, Mikael and Yuichiro, two orphans occur to be taken as servants for the vampires. The Shen Yin Wang Zuo likewise uses this lot gadget. One day, when they have had enough of it, the pair of kids decided to leave, just to be slaughtered by vampires. Only Yuichiro was able to get away from the deal. As he reaches the world outside, he signs up with a group to defeat the vampires and swears to the world his revenge in the future.
The Wit studio in some way played this alright, I do not know how, but they really pull it off. The Gangsta anime previously this year was ended with a non-ending that left all of the viewers under fulfillment, the ending of this series was quite alright, but it is not the very best the author could do.

From the cliff hanger of the last season, in this time, Mika was able to save Yu from the attack, however he gets injured instead. Then, Guren goes on to begin the Seraph of completion routine. As a result, an angel goes beyond down from the sky. That angel had had Mirai’s body, Shiho’s sibling. None of the characters and the readers have the time to comprehend that even as Kureto right away captures it to draw the power from it. Right away, Mika and Yu attempted to battle Guren off, however, Guren appears to be separated about fighting his own family.


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